Accessories are a type of item equipped in the third slot of a character's inventory. The player is limited to equipping only one Accessory, Shield, or type of Ammo at a time.

This is the page for Accessories available in One Way Heroics Plus. For Accessories in the original One Way Heroics, go here.

Name Weight Sell Value Effect
Force Bracelet 1 800 +30% Force Power. (Despite description, does not increase the Willpower stat.)
Training Bracelet 1 480 -20% Accuracy and Evasion, halves Life and ST, reduces Movement Speed by 1 level, 4x EXP gain.
Bracelet of Resolve 1 600 +10% Accuracy, +20% Critical Hit Chance.
Bracelet of Destruction 1 2000 1.3x Attack Power.
Bracelet of Speed 1 800 Increases Movement Speed by 2 levels and Combo Hit Rate by 30%. Energy decreases 10% faster.
Bracelet of Stagnation 1  ? Reduce XP gains by 90%.
Queen Frieda's Letter 1 2 Doubles EXP gain.
Beast Leather Bag 1  ? Increase Weight Limit by 15.
Victor's Crown 1 2000 +20% Attack and Force Power.
Dosey's Tail 1 200 Increases Max Life and ST by 30%.
Demon Lord's Headdress 1 200 +40% Max Life, +1 Meditation.
Demon Lord's Boots 1 Halves fire damage
Adventurer Boots 1  ? Negates the Movement Speed penalty when moving across certain types of terrain.
Rubber Boots 1 1200 Force damage taken -30%, Lightning damage taken -25%.
Beast Leather Bag 1  ? Increases the Max Weight Limit by 15.
Large Dragon Leather Bag 1  ? Increases the Max Weight Limit by 30. Energy consumption when moving increases by 1.3 times.
Sun Lantern 2  ? +10% Accuracy, increases range of view within buildings and at night by 2 tiles.
Heavy Boots 3  ? Negates knockback from certain attacks.