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Accessories are a type of item equipped in the third slot of a character's inventory. The player is limited to equipping only one Accessory, Shield, or type of Ammo at a time.

This is the page for Accessories available in One Way Heroics Plus. For Accessories in the original One Way Heroics, go here.

Name Type Weight Sell Value Effect
Force Bracelet Bracelet 1 800 +30% Force Power. (Despite description, does not increase the Willpower stat.)
Training Bracelet Bracelet 1 480 -20% Accuracy and Evasion, halves Life and ST, reduces Movement Speed by 1 level, 4x EXP gain.
Bracelet of Resolve Bracelet 1 600 +10% Accuracy, +20% Critical Hit Chance.
Bracelet of Destruction Bracelet 1 800 1.3x Attack Power.
Bracelet of Speed Bracelet 1 800 Increases Movement Speed by 2 levels and Combo Hit Rate by 30%. Energy decreases 10% faster.
Bracelet of Stagnation Bracelet 1 800 Reduce XP gains by 90%.
Queen Frieda's Letter Accessory 1 2 Doubles EXP gain.
Beast Leather Bag Accessory 1 400 Increases the Max Weight Limit by 15.
Victor's Crown ? 1 2000 +20% Attack and Force Power.
Dosey's Tail ? 1 200 Increases Max Life and ST by 30%.
Demon Lord's Headdress ? 1 200 +40% Max Life, +1 Meditation.
Demon Lord's Boots Boots 1 2400 Halves fire damage
Adventurer Boots Boots 1 ? Negates the Movement Speed penalty when moving across certain types of terrain.
Rubber Boots Boots 1 1200 Force damage taken -30%, Lightning damage taken -25%.
Heavy Boots Boots 3 ? Negates knockback from certain attacks.
Large Dragon Leather Bag ? 1 1600 Increases the Max Weight Limit by 30. Energy consumption when moving increases by 1.3 times.
Sun Lantern Small Chest 2 ? +10% Accuracy, increases range of view within buildings and at night by 2 tiles.