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Albert Normal.png

Exlusive for One Way Heroics Plus, Albert can be found in towns or in the field, recruitable by spending 1 charisma. His weapon of choice is a gun, which can attack two spaces ahead, but he occasionally does not attack. His affection raises by eating meals provided by chefs, and by eating the lunchboxes they sell.


Albert has about 5 affection level ratings.  1  and 2 are just dialogue, but 3 gives the player a 50 durability gun weighing 6 pounds that uses willpower rather than strength for damage.  Affection rating 4 increases Albert's attack by 30%. Finally, at affection rating 5, Albert learns two skills:  Flash, and Quick Shot.  Flash is a chance skill that will completely disable enemies nearby at random, similar to Tourist Flash, while Quick Shot is a 50% chance that anytime he fires, he will fire twice.

Albert's epilogue will net you a Albert's Gun, which has 100 durability, weighs 10, and similiarly to the gun he gives you at affection rating 3, does damage based on Willpower.