The Altar of the Goddess is a randomly found statue that can permanently increase your base stats by expending your levels. Like others in the game, spending levels does not decrease your stats; only your hero rating at the end.

The altar can be destroyed and has 50 HP regardless of difficulty. It has no drops and does not give experience.

Usage and Mechanics Edit

The options and cost system vary depending on whether you are playing One Way Heroics or One Way Heroics: Plus.

One Way Heroics Edit

The options available in One Way Heroics are a straightforward increase in base stats by 1, Critical Hit chance by 5%, or Weight Limit increase of 4.

  • Initially, an exchange costs 1 level to raise one base parameter by 1
  • Each exchange will increase the number of levels needed by 1

It can raise a base stat by 1, Critical Hit % by 5, or Weight Limit by +4.

One Way Heroics: Plus Edit

In One Way Heroics: Plus, it will allow three or four choices between random stat changes, weight limit, critical, special armor, special weapon and special food items.

  • These options cost a specific level amount per item, and will be "consumed" from the options menu rather than be repeatable for higher cost
  • Level costs are set amounts that increase in price based on how many options remain, and possibly others such as difficulty.
  • Options reset after a certain amount of time or distance, equivalent to approximately 2-3 biome changes.
Name: Weight Durability Stats
Weapon Dagger of the Goddess 2 150 Attack +8, Critical and Combo hit rate +10%
Armor Clothing of the Goddess 2 100 Defense 10%; Armor +3
Food 5 Fruits of a Small Tree 0 ----- +25 Energy (each); Rots eventually, albeit slower than Nayuta Fruit
  • Items from the Altar of the Goddess cannot be placed in the dimensional vault.

Additionally, within OWH: Plus, using the new resident system for the Castle, the player can sacrifice 60% of their ending point amount for the ability to summon the statue 10 times anywhere.

  • Note that in Plus, the options available are expended upon choosing them, and options are only refreshed after a certain amount of time or distance, and so the item's utility value is highly limited


  1. Anywhere in the world in a 1x2 map location (similar to that of golems)
  2. Altar of the Goddess

    Location 1

    Inside of specific dungeons
  • 3x5 layout (North middle corner [4 cells down, 9 cells right] blocked by 3 chests)
  • ?x? layout in the middle of the room. (the one with 4 corners, I'm not sure how many tiles it is on the minimap)
  • Can be a trap in a dungeon and lock you in with monsters ready to swarm you.

Notes: Edit

Detection marks it with a "hostile" icon, and because it always has a set HP of 50, being Hunter makes it extremely easy to identify statues inside buildings.