One Way Heroics Wiki

Class Description:

You are a keen-eyed Archer. You have great eyesight and are excellent at spotting enemies. bow range is 2 tiles longer than other classes and you can use the movement skill, sprint. You're good at ranged fighting and strong against flying foes.

Archer is a starting class

Starting Stats:

HP: 105

ST: 15

Lapis: 0

WT: 16

Strength: 1

Vitality: 0

Agility: 2

Intelligence: 1

Willpower: 0

Charisma: 1

Starting abilities:

Lockpicking: 0

Climbing: 0

Swimming: 0

Starting Equipment:

Weapon: Hunter's Bow

Armor: Travel Wear

Accessory: Wooden Arrow x100


Archer's Aim: 1.3x damage with bows and 1.2x with other ranged weapons. +2 to arrow range.