One Way Heroics Wiki

Aria of the Sun is an NPC that can teach you Force Power Spells based on the level of your intelligence and has a different selection of spells from Fortune-teller Auris.

NOTE: Aria of the Sun can only teach the player a maximum of 2 Force Powers per game.

Spells that can be bought at the cost of your Intelligence level and money:

Name Cost Energy used to cast Meditation turns Effect
Detection 200 Silvers, 1 Intelligence 5% 0 Reveals the positions of nearby monsters and allies for 100 turns.
X-ray Vision 200 Silvers, 1 Intelligence 10% 0 Reveals the darkened areas inside buildings, Golem resting places, and Elven villages.
Phalanx 1200 Silvers, 5 Intelligence 15% 1 Halves damage received for 20 turns.
Rain of Healing 1200 Silvers, 5 Intelligence 30%? 2 Heals every target in a 3x3 tile area around the hero by (Force Power x1.5).
Path of Nature 1500 Silvers, 5 Intelligence 20%? 3 Decreases Max Life by 12, changes the three tiles in front of the hero to Forest terrain, then roots hero in place for 5 turns. Does not affect walls.