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BluShroom20 BluShroom20 23 May 2018

Mystery Chronicle Character Art

I made rough transparents of some MC: OWH classes and NPCs using screenshots from the in-game medal gallery. Feel free to use them on the wiki until the art is directly ripped from the game.

Here they are on my Google Drive 

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Blue Sonata Blue Sonata 27 April 2016


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Blue Sonata Blue Sonata 18 February 2016

's Journal

Day 3676 26

I've been feeling a bit strange these days..

Iris smiles at me and says: "Don't worry! We'll beat that Demon Lord so stop looking so gloomy alright! :3"
Something's gone wrong..and I don't know what this feeling is.

Day 368█ 32

Iris: "WATCH OUT ▓▓▓▓▓▓!"

I died. I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead I am dead...


Keep going you're almo

....I'm I'm alive?! How??

Iris: "Hey ▓▓▓▓▓▓ are you ok? You're face is really pale maybe you should get some rest?"

I need to thin…

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Blue Sonata Blue Sonata 15 January 2016

My notes, tips and tricks, and shenanahams mmm ham

  • 1 Personal Favorite Class Customizations
    • 1.1 Breaking Runs:
    • 1.2 Regular Fun Runs:
  • 2  Weapon and Armor Enchantments:
  • 3  Equipment: (sorted by highest to lowest durability)
  • 4 Consumables:
  • 5 Monsters:
  • 6 Notes:

Name: Kaira
Class: Adventurer
Item Appraiser [+30% Item Identification]
Equipment Master [Equipment Attrition Rate lowers to 90%]
(x3) Pack-Horse [+20% Weight Limit]

Name: KarinYuuki
Class: Force User
Master of Unlocking [+1 Lockpicking]
(x2) Intelligence [+5% Item Identification, 2% Reduction to ST and Energy Depletion Rate]
(x2) Willpower [+30% to Force Power, +3% to Critical Hit Chance]
Name: Emi Yusa
Class: Force User
(x2) Equipment Master [Equipment attrition rate lowers to 90%]
Item Appraiser [+30% Item Identification]
Masterful Stroke [+7% C…

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ParagonOneWay ParagonOneWay 12 August 2014

Iris is so innocent

Talk to her she is the funniest character in the whole game

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Worldedit Worldedit 12 July 2014

A bit of spoiler technical stuff

To make your spoiler working, you can do this:
First, you should use Source editor

This will add the button:
<div class="mw-customtoggle-Spoiler wikia-menu-button">- - - - Show / Hide Spoilers - - - -</div>

This will make actual collapsed spoiler:

<div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" id="mw-customcollapsible-Spoiler">
A spoiler

If you want to make multiple collapsed spoilers you sould use different id in spoiler div's. Else action on one will lead to action on all spoilers with the same id.

Just in case, I'll leave that here:

I found this information in Source editor after someone fixed my spoilers in Dosey's page.
Exuse me, I forgot who was it ._. . In case you see it - thank you! And show yourself for personal thanks! =)
Those pesky spoiler…

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SparkNorkx SparkNorkx 4 March 2014

Wiki Achievements now Available!

Wiki achievements has now been added! You can earn wiki achievements for doing a certain amount of tasks from edits, adding pictures and much more. Prizes could be given out to the top contributors on the Leaderboard soon. 

Check out the Leaderboard

Note: You'll need a Wikia account to earn achievements.

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