One Way Heroics Wiki

Class Description:

You are a fist-fightin' Brawler. You are strong even without weapons equipped. You're good with fist weapons, but bad with other weapons. You're good at mountain climbing and swimming and have a high WT limit. You're defense is weak.

Starting Stats:

HP: 115

ST: 16

Lapis: 0

WT: 23

Strength: 2

Vitality: 1

Agility: 2

Intelligence: 0

Willpower: 0

Charisma: 0

Starting Abilities:

Lockpicking: 0

Climbing: 1

Swimming: 1


Brawler's Pugnacity: 1.4x damage with fist weapons. 0.66x damage with non-fist weapons. Reduced damage taken from Force attacks and increased Force attack damage. Increased unarmed damage.