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Court Trainer with ability list

The Court Trainer is an unlockable Castle Resident in One Way Heroics Plus that can teach you Abilities in exchange for Ability Levels. These abilities have no energy cost but can only be used once per day.

NOTE: Court Trainer can only teach the player a single Ability on each run.

Spells that can be bought at the cost of Ability Levels:

Name Cost Effect
Tiny Bash 2 Strength 2.2x damage attack. Does big damage to walls and chests. Costs 5 ST.
Tiny Dash 2 Agility Movement Speed is Increased for 15 turns. Taking any other action than moving cancels the effect.
Camp 2 Vitality Natural healing rate per hour is increased by 300%. Movement cancels the effect.
Cartography 2 Intellect Finds the location of the next town or labyrinth.
Tiny Force Flame 2 Willpower A small flame attack shoots forward. The higher your willpower, the stronger the damage becomes. Does not require meditation.
Tiny Luck 2 Charisma For a short time, you and your allies' Attack and Defense increase by 15%, and other abilities are also increased slightly.