Demon Shrine

Demon Shrine with the chest in the middle (w/o Guard).

Demon Shrine Guard-0

Demon Shrine Guard standing at the entrance.

Demon Shrines are buildings with Mysterious Walls guarded by a friendly NPC.

Inside the shrine is a chest that will greatly power up the Demon Lord.

  • Adds +100% HP to the Demon Lord (tested on Afternoon Stroll: 1 chest went to 12,000 and 2 went to 18,000).
  • These stack additively, meaning if you open two the total extra HP will be +200%.

A player can enter the shrine by:

  • Throwing an item at the NPC to provoke them into battle
  • Having the Dark Dragon hit the shrine with its breath attack
  • Teleporting randomly inside it by a Teleport Pill or tossing it at the guard
  • Jumping over the NPC as an Adventurer

The power from the chests stack and is represented in the after-battle report.

It is unclear how much extra Life the Demon Lord gets according to difficulty. On Grueling, a weakened Demon Lord gained around 10000 Life the last I saw it.

Destroying the chest (such as using Piercing Shot through a wall) will not power up the Demon Lord.

Strangely, if the Demon Lord is in the party, the guard still won't let the player enter.

In Plus, if the Demon Lord is in the party, opening the chest will boost their Attack and Life by 20% of their current totals. Multiple shrines allow multiplicative boosts.