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The Dimensions are different playable worlds in which heroes journey.

Each dimension's name functions as a world seed that determines its terrain, features, and characters. Thus, a given seed will generate the same features every time it is loaded, no matter what player uses it (outside of the daily Campaign event modifiers.)

In OWH+, the Algorithm for generating dimensions has changed slightly, so the name for one world in the original will always generate a completely different world in OWH+ unless explicitly altered by the game designer. <br\/>

Event Dimensions[]

Event Dimensions are normal dimensions altered in some fashion for one day. Every day, four random dimensions are generated and available for play. After day is over, event dimensions return to their normal state; if you load the dimension a day later, they will be normal, free from whatever bonuses and penalties the campaign provided.  Below is a list of event dimension types. <br\/><br\/>

Heroes across the multiverse, gather![]

The first special campaign on the list gives no noticable modifiers to the listed dimension, but appears on every player's list, granting easy access to the indirect multiplayer features the game has to offer.<br\/>

The second campaign is always a campaign that allows easy access to a certain party member.  These show up regardless of difficulty level and must be recruited in the standard fashion, thus perks or usage of the dimensional vault may be needed. <br\/>In One Way Heroics Plus, there is second one of these dimensions meant to last an entire week.<br\/>

Description Commentary
Dosey's quest Dosey will show up in the castle.
Journey with a mercenary Panty will show up in the castle.  You may need the Piggy Bank perk to pay for his services.
King Victor King Victor will appear a short distance outside the castle after he teleports away.
Queen Frieda Queen Frieda's dungeon will appear a little ways into the game.  Out of the event partners, she appears the furthest away.  Interestingly, her dungeon can overwrite pieces of a dungeon or town that spawns normally in the listed dimension if the dungeon/town is close enough to Frieda's dungeon.
World through the Dark Knight's eyes Duke Galtz will appear to the north of the castle, tracking the player as he or she moves about.  Buddy Tablets from the dimensional vault will be needed.
Castle vendor Vendors will appear in the castle.  They will either be two weapon or armor vendors, or a force spell vendor.  Enemies start out a little stronger than normal
Money really is everything All NPCs become basic weapon, armor, or general merchants. No other NPCs will appear -- the save, chef, elf, dark brotherhood, and medicine NPCs do not exist.  All items found on the ground are changed into pure money drops (drops from treasure chests/trees/etc. are not affected.)
No level ups The player cannot gain experience.
1.3x EXP The player gains 30% more EXP. Enemies start out slightly stronger than normal.
Powerful demons Enemies are twice as strong.  Equipment gets a 50% bonus chance to have bonus effects.
Stumble through the dark This dimension is already shrouded in darkness, limiting field of view. Weapons and Armor also have +50% chance to carry bonus effects.
The Apocalypse comes NOW Weapons and Armor have more bonus effects. Player has 5% more Life and higher stats. Enemies start out at a higher level.

The following event dimensions are OWH+ exclusive.

Description Commentary
Where you can't heal The hero starts with triple health, but lacks natural regeneration, and items only heal for 1/10 of their normal amount.
Way too strong Every monster, object, and NPC has the character modifier "Ultimate". Items have an increased chance of carrying bonus effects.
Where the darkness moves too quickly The darkness moves 30% faster. Slightly better items will drop.

Custom Dimensions (One Way Heroics)[]

  • This is a list of OWH dimensions players discovered, along with description of terrain, shrines, companions, and other features found in those dimensions. The total amount of holy shrines and dark brotherhood are shown up to 400km mark. Note: Seeds are NOT case-sensitive.

Feel free to contribute! If you submit a dimension, you may include your name in brackets at the beginning. (e.g. [user].)

If you play one of these submitted dimensions and the commentary is true, mark it with [C] at the beginning to show the information is correct/confirmed.

Not compatible with One Way Heroics Plus.

Dimension Holy Shrine Dark Brotherhood Companions Commentary
Cirno ~ 1 ~ A lot of snow areas! Dark Brotherhood at ~270km (at the very top), first town close to start.
Recetear ~ ~ Dosey Featuring a lot towns or villages everywhere. Great for stocking on needed items. Likely referenced from Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale game.
BDFV7CSF 1 ~ Dosey [Draxio] Holyshrine at 60km, Dosey in town (~20km), 1000km Queen Frieda
Gremory 3 ~ Dosey At least three Holy Shrine; 36 km (60% of the way south), 170 km (entrance at the VERY top; probably can't access without Mountain Climbing), and 214 km; the 36 and 214 shrines both have two chests. Dosey appears in a town at the southern edge of the map at 261 km.
ZW6FDCZA 2 ~ Dosey, Panty Shot [Aeresist] Dosey at the first town on sight, 2 Holy Shrines, and Panty Merc - by Aeresist.
Dakura - ~ Panty Shot [Shardukars] Key of Seals, Common drop of Jewels, town at the start, Panty at 200 ~ 300km, high spawnrate of rare creatures and affixes
QKC2LUGW 1 ~ Panty Shot, King Victor Panty (Afternoon) or King Victor (Grueling) inside a town around 14km mark near the bottom of the map, Holy Shrine near the 27km mark towards the top of the map.
TGRJZKRU 1 ~ Panty Shot, King Victor, Queen Frieda [laestril] Panty at 42km, holy at 104km, king victor at 187km, Queen Frieda at 502km
IFUCEF ~ ~ Duke Galtz [blackgeha] Dark Knight event, goddess statue (182 km), 300-500 km = Queen Frieda
WEVNDW4V ~ ~ Duke Galtz Gruelling Campaign: Duke Galtz recruitable near the top around ~2020km, you will be able to reach him only if already cleared "End of the World" at least once.
BTRNTT48 3 ~ ~ Three Holy Shrines within first 40km.
TERRA 3 ~ ~ Three Holy Shrine within 400km. The first at ~25km requires a fair bit of mountain climbing.
A262MGNH 3 ~ ~ Three holy shrines in a row, between 400km - 425km
666 ~ 3 Queen Frieda [Tacet_][C] 3 Dark Brotherhoods starting from 350km. Queen Frieda is at 976km.
YNIHKC15 ~ 3 ~ [ShadeDragon] 3-4 Dark Brotherhoods (first one around 360km)
Hotdogs ~ 3 Queen Frieda x2 [link][C] Queen at north at 500km AND at 900km. Holy shrine somewhere around the 500km mark, 560-600km 3 Dark brotherhoods in line.
Fsteak ~ 2 ~ Shop and dungeon near start. many towns. Elf village ~290km at south. 2 Dark Brotherhood at ~350-375km. Goddess statues at ~350km and ~395km.
Alpha 2 ~ ~ Holy Shrine 14km at south -- 1 armor and 1 weapon chest. Another at 106km south, with 1 armor and 1 weapon chest.
BADASS ~ ~ ~ [C] 2x Fortune-teller, in first town around 10km and again at 120km.
Ninja ~ ~ ~ [DoominaBottle] 3 goddess statues within the first 20km, Goddess statue and small dungeon below 80km, dungeon at 88km, town at 100km.
Orobas 2 ~ ~ First Holy Shrine at 120 km, has two chests. There's a second at 228 km with just one chest. Fortune-teller within 70 km, but you'll have to hack through wooden walls to get to her.
BDKVLJHZ 2 1 ~ 1 Holy Shrine near start, 1 holy shrine a couple hundred km in, and a dark brotherhood ~400km.
CKUH9NTZ ~ ~ ~ Almost no towns & tons of hard zones
LW210NAB 1 2 Queen Frieda (2x), Dosey Goddess: 46Km(S), 296Km(M), 411Km(M), 429Km(S), (+); Dosey: 336Km; Queen Frieda: 520Km(M), 1160Km(S), Elf Village: 947Km; Golems: 75Km(M), 495Km(M); Dark Brotherhood: 930Km, 965Km(N); Demon Shrine: 841Km, 855Km, 858Km; Holy Shrine: 920Km
ONEWAY 2 ~ ~ Villainous Golem at the start, if you're looking for a challenge. Holy Shrines at ~190 and 200km; second shrine has 2 chests.
PQDIGIAC 3 4 5? 45km "Somewhere to the -> you can sense a kindred spirit" rare (only seen it once in more than 20 attempt's, did not find who)

Queen Frieda

[Gesse] up to 3 goats spawn in/near the bottom dungeon at the start. 196 dungeon 1 goat,

Holy Shrine; 115 dungeon 3 chests. 151 dungeon, 1 goat, 2 chests. 181 south dungeon 5 chests. 222 dungeon 6. 360 dungeon 3 chests. 398 dungeon 3 chests. 495 dungeon 3 chests. 569. 653. 699 dungeon 4 chests.

Golem; 300 south, 463 south,

Dark Brotherhood; 312, 321, 337?, 370?, 391

Queen; 423. 630ish.

Demon shrine, bottom 1500-1800Km i think closer to the 1800 mark

TINlight 1 ~ Queen Frieda,Panty Shot?? [TrueHeart] 127 km Holy shrine with 2 chest, 400-619 km 3 Queen Frieda in a row, 865 km 1 more Queen Frieda (seriously?) (also the seed is tinlight you have to type the 2nd

alphabet as i not l )

Custom Dimensions (One Way Heroics Plus)[]

This is a list of OWH+ dimensions players discovered, along with description of terrain, shrines, companions, and other features found in those dimensions. The total amount of holy shrines and dark brotherhood are shown up to 400km mark. Note: Seeds ARE case-sensitive. Companions are at least partially random so the information here cannot be completely relied upon.

Feel free to contribute! If you submit a dimension, you may include your name in brackets at the beginning. (e.g. [user].)

If you play one of these submitted dimensions and the commentary is true, mark it with [C] at the beginning to show the information is correct/confirmed.

Not compatible with One Way Heroics.

Dimension Holy Shrine Dark Brotherhood Companions Commentary
BRAVERY ~ ~ ~ This dimension is fully mapped out to 2000km. See BRAVERY_(Dimension).
HEROISM ~ 1 ~ [C] Dark Brotherhood at 325. This dimension is fully mapped out to 2000km. See HEROISM_(Dimension).
UGKEOZRD ~ ~ ~ [C] (Grueling) Random partners at 80km in the field. Holy shrine at ~370km (Middle level, easy access)
Camelot 1 ~ 1 [C] Holy shrine at 386km. Dosey at ~50km.
AMI9002 ~ 1 ~ [C] Sinner town 35km - requires magic bridge or float drug.
AMI9017 ~ ~ ~ [C] Many buildings 0-500km

Shrines at 607km, 839km, 1024km, 2046km Panty Shot - 0-100km not always guaranteed 

Embers 3 ~ ~ Starting in a volcano and consisting almost entirely of volcano,

mountain, and snow areas. Decent spread of dungeons, towns, and shrines. Very fun and challenging dimension!

SMCUIVO ~ ~ 1 Altar of the Goddess (in dungeon) @ ~13km tip: Go under the mountains for easier access

Large number of dungeons early on

Albert (not always? Got Victor instead once) wandering wilderness @ ~140km


Tavern at 13km. Co-operative NPC recruitable.

Pirate ~ 2 1 [C] Two Dark Brotherhoods, one at 290 (medium height, easy access) and one shortly before it at the same height. Also ran into Albert (near dungeon area sometimes or further) in roughly the same region. Sinner Town at 341 km, also at medium height. Mila appears later on, between the two Dark Brotherhoods.
A9SPFJWV ? ? ? Many chances to learn Force Powers. Both Aria and Auris appear within 60km. By 700km, Aria, Auris, and the Skill Missionary appear nearly two dozen times in total.
JWFAYN 1 ~ 4 2x power enemies. Dosey, Panty, Mila, Victor (On Inhuman), Holy Shrine ~1020km Middle
GC3UJSLL 1 ~ 4 Holy Shrine ~1000km. Companions: Mila, Dosey, Victor, Albert (On Grueling Difficulty).
AZZDLXXA ~ ~ 1 Played on Grueling Campaign + manic mode. Companions: Panty shot in wilderness ~415. Unsure if this npc is the guaranteed or random kind, but a (regular) Blacksmith in a (regular) town ~460. Didn't play longer than that.
yARRhARR ? ? 1 (Grueling) Albert found at 172km mark. Shrine at ~800.
bruh ~ 1 3 (Grueling) Cattleman at 100km. Auris and 2 Skill missionaries around 280km. Dark Brotherhood at 380km and Sinner town at 640. Frieda can join at 440km, Dosey at 680 and Victor at 800. Stopped playing there.
nsfw ~ 2 ~ Sinner's town at around 50km. Lots of towns early on in the world.
C1JJMXVJ ? ? ? [Wilbo1] Dark Peddler 24K. Can sometimes spawn as Merchant instead. Played on Grueling.
TOURISM ? ? ? Dark Peddler 16KM Albert and Swordmaster Balch in a tavern before 16km played on Inhumane Odyssey twice