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The Duke spawns hostile, and must be pacified with buddy tablets in order to talk.  He is confused as to what power has stilled his sword, but after hearing of your quest, agrees to join you for 3 charisma.  Being undead, he has massive hp and decent attack power.  Your relationship increases as you battle.


Duke Galtz is at first hesitant to discuss his story with you.  He shares that he is undead, and that his only alliegence is to Queen Frieda.  Eventually, he reveals that he has lost his body when he was dragged into the darkness, and knows not the force that binds him to his current form, but offers his services as a meat shield to defend you on your journey.  The third time he speaks to you, you receive his sword, Duke Galtz's Sword ; 15 weight, 35 damage, with -20% acc, +20% crit.  Beating the game after raising his affection enough to get his ending, nets you Duke Galtz's Shield.

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Upon talking to the Duke Galtz if Queen Frieda is your partner, they will interact. They will not interact in the reverse situation (Have Duke Galtz as partner and trying to recruit Frieda)

Duke Galtz: happening body...?

Duke Galtz: Who...are you?

Duke Galtz: ....What?

Duke Galtz: King Victor tasked you with a journey to defeath the Demon Lord...?

Queen Frieda: Yes, exactly

Duke Galtz: Queen Frieda...!?

Queen Frieda: %Hero%...

Queen Frieda: This is Duke Galtz, a powerful Dark Knight whose duty is to protect me

Queen Frieda: Duke Galtz...Would you like to travel with us?

Duke Galtz: .....

Recruit (Yes/No)

If you select recruit: Duke Galtz: ...Sure

Duke Galtz: I shall lend my power to save this land


After the defeat of the Demon Lord, Duke Galtz seems to grow weary.  He asks to meet you at a cliffside.  When you join him, he throws you a sword, and attacks, wishing for his final moments to be spent in glorious combat.  You deflect his sword, and with that, his armor falls to the ground in pieces, revealing the empty shell.  You bury him on that cliffside, and take his shield with you for the adventures to come.