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Elven Merchant.jpg

The Elven Merchant is found within the group of elves. Attacking him will raise your bounty by 1 and killing him will raise it by another 3, making you hostile to the other elves in the group.


Difficulty Health
Walk in the Park 100
Afternoon Stroll
Grueling Campaign
Inhumane Odyssey


Item Quantity
Stark Needle 1
Pretty Jewel 2
Quality Whetstone 1
Dark Brotherhood License 1
Scroll of the Phalanx 1
Scroll of the Sword Saint 1
Scroll of Repair 1
Key of Seals 1

These are only some of the items which the merchant can have; the only one which is guaranteed is the Stark Needle. Try to update this list.


The Stark Needle is a very great sword for its weight. If you can't afford to buy it, it may be wise to kill the merchant in order to obtain it. There is frequently a Save Attendent in the elvish camp. You can always kill him, then use a Teleport Pill to escape.

It is unwise to kill the entire camp because the Elven Elder will raise your bounty by 10 when attacked and by another 30 when killed.