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Fairy Iris is an artifcial Fairy created under the orders of King Victor to assist the player throughout the entire game in every Dimension . She gives advices to the hero but doesn't help the hero in combat, unless you are playing One Way Heroics Plus . If the hero dies, she also gives an advice to the hero along with some mysterious characters.  

Recruitment (One Way Heroics Plus)[]

How Iris Looks on the field, and Iris talking about herself.

Iris is a recruitable ally in the Plus version of the game.  Simply reach 1000km without recruiting any other allies, and she will offer to help in combat.  This costs no charisma and she can join even if the hero has negative charisma.  She has low life and fights with her Fairy Bow and her arrows can make enemies drunk, lowering their battle performance.  The hero can use these special arrows themselves, if Iris misses her target.

Unlike other allies, Iris has no affection rating and doesn't give you a different ending, since her ending is the default. In addition, if she loses all of her health, she does not die; she merely stops fighting at the hero's side. 


Iris tells the hero that the Fairies are extinct and she's the only Fairy that's artificial. 


It appears that she doesn't have any memory of the hero's previous adventures in other Dimensions just like the hero himself/herself (even though the hero recalls his/her memory of a previous past adventure but fades away).  

Fairy Iris giving Advice Time after the player's death.