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Fortune-teller Auris offering her Force Power services.

Fortune-teller Auris is an NPC in One Way Heroics. She can teach common Force Power spells to any Class. Only one Force Power can be learned per encounter.

Auris is usually found near Ruins or inside Small Buildings but can spawn where any Merchant NPC can.

Name Character level Silver cost Cast Energy Meditation turns Durability Cost Effect
Force Flame Lvl 1 500 5% 1 1 Deals Fire damage 1 tile in front of the hero.
X-Ray Vision Lvl 1 300 5% 0 0 +2 vision inside buildings (Dungeons, shrines, Golem resting places, etc.).
Detection Lvl 1 300 5% 0 0 Detects nearby NPCs and monsters for 100 turns. 30-square range.
Lightning Lvl 10 1500 15% 1 2 Deals damage to enemies in a 5x5 area around the hero.
Phalanx Lvl 10 1500 10% 1 0 Halves physical damage received for 20 turns.
Force Flare Lvl 10 1500 15% 2 1 Deals heavy damage 2 tiles in front of the hero.

In Plus, her selection is different, her skills also cost levels in the hero's Intelligence, and she can only teach two skills per game:

Plus table
Name Cost in Silvers

& Int lvl

Cast Energy Meditation Turns Durability Cost Effect
Flame 400 -1 5% 1 1 Medium Force Flame attack that deals damage directly ahead of the hero.
Lightning 800 -3 15% 1 2 Medium Force attack that deals damage in a 3x3 tile area ahead of the hero.
Flash 800 -3 10% 0 ? Causes enemies 2 tiles ahead to lose 60% Accuracy and Evasion and shortens their detection range by 2 tiles for 15 turns. This skill can only be used 2 times per day.
Crash 800 -3 10% 1 ? Delivers huge damage to flying targets within a 3x3 tile area around the hero and also cancels their Floating status effect.
Super Flame 1200 -5 15% 2 ? Heavy Force Flame attack that deals 4x damage of Force Flame 2 tiles ahead of the hero.


In Plus, Auris and Aria of the Sun have a 5% chance of having hidden items on them.