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Wandering Ghost

Ghost is an NPC available exclusively on Online Play . Once a player dies, they will become a Ghost. If there's another player in the same Dimension as the dead player, they may see their Ghost. The Ghost asks the player to avenge him/her and gives a random item from the dead player's inventory along with experience points when talked to. However, the player can ignore the ghost or even kill it. On maniac ghosts move at a rate of once every two player turns like other 'friendly' non-aggroed units until engaged in combat.

If lured into them, any monster may attack ghosts just like any other 'friendly' (blue triangle via detection) NPC. No bounty is gained upon attacking or killing a ghost yourself, and an item will still be dropped.

Dialogue When Talked To: "Please....Defeat the Demon my stead..."


HP: 999

HP restored (talk): 50

Experience Gain (talk): +50% 

Gives a random item from the dead player's inventory.