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The High-level Skill Missionary is a Merchant NPC

High-level Skill Missionary.png

The difference between the High-level Skill Missionary and the basic/common Skill Missionary is that the High-level Skill Missionary has a new set of teachable skills. There is also a lower percentage chance of the High-level Skill Missionary spawning.

"I'm a High level Skill Missionary. I can teach you some skills if you'd like. "
Ability Name Cost (Silvers) Cost (Ability lvls) Effect Cast Cost
Last Resort/"Desperate Readiness"/"Life on the Line" 1500 6 Strength For 10 turns Attack Power is increased by 2x, Combo Hit Rate is increased by 60%. However damage received is increased by 2x, Evasion is lowered by 30%, and while the effect lasts 3 ST is drained per turn. 10 ST 10% Energy
Anticipation/"Evasion Readiness" 1500 6 Agility For 10 turns Evasion is increased by 30%. 1 ST is drained per turn and movement cancels the effect. 10 ST
Mystery Oil 1500 6 Vitality Splash Mystery Oil on a target 2 tiles ahead. If the target is hit with the oil their Accuracy and Evasion will be decreased by 20% and flame damage against them is increased by 3x. 10 ST
Force Shield/"Force Power Shield" 1500 6 Intellect For 10 turns Force Power attacks, Flame attacks, and other receiving damage is decreased by 1/3. 15 ST
Create Large Bottle of Healing 1500 6 Willpower Creates Vial of Healing from 2 Healing Vials. 2 Healing Vials
  • Notes:
After teaching the player 2 skills the NPC becomes unable to teach anymore skills.
Creating Large Bottles of Healing:
The player has the option to "Make 1 Large Bottle of Healing from 2 Healing Vials. 3 can be made at a time, 10% of Energy is consumed each time a batch is made."