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A group that wishes to safeguard all Animals . If you kill two fluffy animals, all members of the Jade Forest Group will be hostile towards you for the rest of the game. Attacking a Jade Hunter will increase your bounty by 1;  killing, by an additional 3. They can be hostile to friendly NPCs and hunt them down as well.

Jade Hunter[]

See Jade Hunter

Jade Forest Lieutenant[]

Has higher stats than Jade Hunters and is one of the most deadly enemies on any difficulty.  

Jade Forest Lieutenant.png

Unless you "repent your sins" by paying an 'arm and a leg' (a ridiculously enormous sum based off of the current 'sin' level) to the church, you'd best be prepared to fight or flee until the completion of the run or your death.

However the method which is coined BlueSonata's DASH! aka BSDash! can be used to escape from the Jade Forest Lieutenant.

The conditions that must be fulfilled is that you:
1) Must be a Bard, Hunter, or Adventurer class (this is because you NEED the Dash ability that can break the movement cap).
2) Have reached the movement cap of 150%.
3) Already equipped the Bracelet of Speed.
4) Must be at a minimum of 2 spaces away from Jade Forest Lieutenant (if you are susceptible to the Lieutenant's attacks at this point then your only hope is by using Awakening, Teleport Pills, or Buddy Tablets)(Although if you have any of those 3 things you should probably use them first before losing your run).
Only then at this point you'll be able to escape by activating Dash.

The movement cap without any enhancements is 150%.
The movement cap can be broken with both the Bracelet of Speed or Dash ability.
The total speed from equipping the Bracelet of Speed and using the Dash ability at the same time is 250%!

The farthest the Lieutenant can attack you is at 3 tiles away from their tile->

If any of the conditions are not met then the Lieutenant will be able to easily outpace and end your current run.

Evasion-based method to both escape Jade Forest Lieutenant and get some Jade Arrows:

Boost evasion too 100% and let the darkness consume Jade Forest Lieutenant. No bounty + free Jade Arrows (one of the best arrows in game, which are only beat by five-shot arrows).

To do so you will need at least 3 of the following:

If you have at least 3 of 4 items mentioned above, you can just stand Magic Bridge (they are quite common drop in vulcano tileset), forest, water or mountain and let the darkness eat this delicious lieutenant.