A soldier that appears in the castle at the start of a dimension. He will rank your charisma based on level.

Also known as Soldier D

Responses for Charisma LevelEdit

Level -1 or BelowEdit

I'm here to check your Charisma... W-What is this!? Your Charisma rating is in the negative! I can't deal with scum like you so get out of here! Out! Out I say!

Level 0Edit

I'm Judge Charisma... Looks like your Charisma is stuck at Lvl. 0. I don't think anyone is going to join with you at this point. You might get some no-names I guess...

Level 1Edit

I am Judge Charisma... Oh, looks like you have a Charisma Lvl. of 1. So you aren't completely untrustworthy. There are at least a few people out there who may join your struggle.

Level 2Edit

I'm Judge Charisma... Oh my looks like your Charisma ranks in at Lvl. 2! You are one people can depend on. Most people will want to join with you unless they are completely anti-social. ... Although the biggest problem is finding anyone at all in this crazy world we live in.

Level 3Edit

I am Judge Charisma... Woah! You have a Charisma lvl. of 3!? Your Charisma is so high that even I want to ride off with you... Amazing! Ahem! However, my place is here in my position as Judge Charisma.

Level 4 or aboveEdit

I'm here to check you Charisma... N-No Way! I have never met someone with a Charisma Lvl. so high! You are positively glowing with Charisma. P-Please, take me with you! Haaah...Haaah...


Will offer to join your party if charisma level is 4 or higher, at a cost of 3 charisma.

If accepted he will say: Leave it to me! Until my last breath I shall never leave your side!

If rejected he will say: Bonk!


Good companion to get if you are playing a bard. Can be recruited if you spend one perk on Charisma. Since his recruitment cost is lower than the required charisma to recruit him. You can recruit him and take the Loyal Pet perk or save the charisma point for one of the other recruitable NPCs.

The Judge of Charisma has slower growth than any other NPC except the pet, but is guaranteed on every world.

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