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General Information[]

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Melee Weapons[]

Name Type Weight Attack Force Durability Description Notes
Magic Wand Staff 1 4 6 120 A wand that slightly increses Force Power Concentration +1
Mineral Axe Axe 8 18 0 150 An axe with a blade made from special minerals instead of metal. its comparatively easy to use for an axe Accuracy -10%
Halberd Axe 12 30 0 100 A long-handled battleaxe made for fighting. It's very heavy but has high attack. Acc. -15%

Crit +20%

Leather Gloves Glove 1 2 0 220 equipment that protects your fists rather than making them stronger. The have excellent insulation. perfect for winter combo +120%
Aura Hand Glove 2 4 6 170 Gloves that increase the force of the one who equips them. crit. +80%

combo +120%

Sharp Stick Spear 4 2 0 25 a tree branch with a sharpened end. can be used to practice using a spear. Can attack 2 tiles away
Trident Spear 8 18 0 120 A spear with a three-pointed tip. there is a trick to using it. ACC -5% Critical +10%
Fluffy Baton Staff 1 -999 0 400 Fluffy. You can try and try but the best you can generally do is 1 damage. ACC +50%

Combo +150%

Phantom Edge Sword 0 10 0 40 A weightless formless blade. A success as a sword from the strength of the Alchemist Hag One of the gifts from the Alchemist Hag.Combo +10%

Ranged Weapons[]

Name Type Weight Attack Ranged Force Durability Description Notes
Hunter's Bow Bow 4 0 8 0 140 bow for hunter's. an item that puts accuracy and durability before power.
Throwing Elzite Thrown 4 0 8 0 15 An Elzite that was successfully bomb made smaller. It's provided with insulation and fire resistant features.
Heavy Boomerang Thrown 7 10 0 0 80 A profoundly gigantic boomerang. it flies along a special arc and returns to your hand. Attack and weight increase together. All boomerangs extend out three tiles and then seems to arc along the left side of where the user is facing which it then returns.
Light Boomerang Thrown 3 2 0 0 60 A light and easy to use boomerang. it flies along a special arc and returns to your hand. If you get used to using it, it's a powerful weapon. All boomerangs extend out three tiles and then seems to arc along the left side of where the user is facing which it then returns.


Name Type Weight Attack Force Description Notes
Wooden Arrow Projectile 0 - - An arrow made of wood. Not strong but easy to find. will be thrown automatically when attacks don't reach. Bows increase damage and range range is 3 functions closely to Handy Stones


Name Price Durability Weight Armor Reduction Description Notes
Travel Wear 100 2 1 4% clothes for outdoor activities that are easy to move in. Don't expect much of a defensive effect.
Leather Coat 190 3 3 6% a rugged coat made of leather
Hunter's Cape 160 3 3 10% Outer wear made for Hunter's. Bows and thrown items +1 range
Soldier's Vest 180 3 4 8% a protection worn on top of a soldier's clothes. Standing on the battlefield wearing only this makes you feel uneasy.
Fairy Cloak 150 2 0 3% A cloak that makes you as light as a fairy. it has almost no defensive capabilities. Force damage reduction +20%

Evasion +10%

Ghost Cape 140 3 6 10% Outer wear woven with thoughts of the dead Force Damage reduction +35%

Fire Resist +30%

Aqua Robes 100 3 3 8% A robe with the appearance of rippling water. Evasion +5%

Fire Resist +50%

Fire Damage -50%

Iron Armor 180 5 6 15% Armor that's great for wearing on the battlefield. Fire Resist +20%
Crystal Armor 20 5 40 30% Armor made from crystals filled with prayers. Durability is extremely low, but defence is high. Fire Resist +30%


Shield and other such items have an activation rate generally shown in their description.

Name Type Weight Armor Reduction Durability Description Notes
Leather Shoulder Accessory 1 3 10% 25 a pad made of leather to protect the shoulder. Activates 100% of the time. When active armor+3 and reduction +10%.

Game completion[]

Name Type Weight Attack Force Durability Description Notes


Name Price Type Weight Description Notes
Handy Stone thrown 1 A stone that's the perfect size for throwing. It hurts really bad if it hits.
Dream Stone 0 A fantastically beautiful stone that shines like a rainbow. It feels familiar. Hold onto this until the end of your adventure.
Ancient's Core 4800 Jewel 1 A beautiful crystal that is said to dwell within the bodies of prehistoric creatures. can be sold for a high price price checked at charisma 6.
Ivy Tentacle thrown 1 A plant that wraps its vines around anyone that touches it, binding them in place Lasts for 5 turns
Garlic Oil consumable 1 an oil extracted from garlic and herbs. Drink it and ST is fully restored
Master Key consumable 1 A key that unlocks chests and jails. Use this and you don't have to worry about destroying a chests contents. grants exp equal to the difficulty of the lock.
Quick Gem consumable 1 a gem that can be found in rare treasure chests. Use it and get agility Lvl. +2 Gems are almost guaranteed in purple chests in all forms (needs testing)
Healing Scroll scroll 2 A healing tomb written by a famous sorcerer. The person before you recovers Force x2 HP. The opponent you use it on will not attack you. Has multiple uses
Aegis Scroll scroll 1 A scroll infused with the force to strengthen armor. It will apply a low or medium level skill to an equipped armor
Very Spicy Lunch Box food 1 An extremely spicy lunch box made with lots of peppers to heat your body up. Energy +90%, Increases attack for 300 turns. obtained from Nami's fourth affection dialogue







Nami is a Force user. it seems her and Keyton were both caretakers of the hero before the events of the game. She can attack up to 3 tiles away and gains affection whenever you level up. Requires 1 charisma to recuit.

Opening Dialogue:

First affection conversation:

Second affection conversation:

Nami: To be able to join up with [hero] again like this now, it's really an honor. Maybe its because i grew up poor, but I have always wanted to be alongside [hero]. When i was allowed to work as [hero]'s caretaker... it was like a dream come true. For that reason, even now it's like I'm in an unending dream. I hope to be of use to [hero]. Not like before, where i was simply tagging alongside Keyton... I want to work hard as [hero]'s caretaker. If it's for [hero] I'll do anything!

Fairy Memoria: A girl who's of age saying she'll do anything! [hero] that's more than you can hope for, eh?! Eh?!

Nami: I-I'll push my body to the limit!

Fairy Memoria: whenever she gets worked up like that, the heaving bosom under her pendant jiggles, and to go as far as to say she'll push herself to the limit, isn't that inspiring?

Nami: Hey, M-Memoria! Would you please not make those kinds of jokes. It's really embarrassing!

Third affection conversation:

Fairy Memoria: [hero], Nami, and Keyton must have been pretty close, right? I mean, since you say you are all old friends.

Nami: Huh? Y-yeah... At least, that was what I thought.

Fairy Memoria: So uh, I mean, as would be normal for people who were that close, did the three of you maybe ever bathe together?

Nami: Memoria, wanting to ask something like that... You're quite a dirty fairy, aren't you?

Fairy Memoria: You think so? Bathing together as kids I didn't think was that weird...

Nami: Huh? Oh, y-yeah... Y-yeah, absolutely, right?

Fairy Memoria: Uh, Nami, why are you so red? Wait... You mean, it wasn't just when you were kids...?

Nami: A-actually... It was up until two years ago, when i was let go as caretaker...

Fairy Memoria: Wha--?!

Nami: As a caretaker, it's also part of the job. Keyton was also pretty nonchalant about it, so... It would have been pretty hard to refuse every time...

Fairy Memoria: B...But, sure, you wore a bathing suit or something?

Nami: ...No... Keyton said it was weird wearing a bathing suit into the bath...

Fairy Memoria: Making Nami get totally naked in the bath with [hero]...

Name: I-In that case, please drop it! It's really awkward saying any of this out loud...!

Fairy Memoria: But, I kind of get why [hero] is as worldly as they are now...

Fourth affection conversation:

Nami: [hero], I made you some home cooking. If you've got an appetite now, would you try it?

Fairy Memoria: Wow wow! In the middle of all this, when did you have time?

Nami: Hee hee. I may be slow-witted and gullible, but I have some good points.

Fairy Memoria: Hmm! Showing off your domestic charms even now. That's some serious feminine charm! Flawless.

Nami: I went pretty heavy on the garlic and pepper. This'll help you get your energy back!

Fairy Memoria: Well then, I'm gonna dig in! Om nom nom nom nom! ...Nom? Aaaaah, haaah, haaaah!!! It's sooooo spiiiiiiceeeeeey! Hot-hot-hot-hot-hot-hot-hot-hot-hooooot! It's too, its, I can't even! This is sapping my energy, not restoring it! Did you even try it?!

Nami: Huh... Really? It's a nice amount of spicy, to me. This is my signature dish, and Keyton liked it too.

Fairy Memoria: Keyton...he really likes it spicy, huh? Or could it be he just really liked this girl. I mean, eating this without complaining.

Nami: Ugh... Sorry... I guess I really don't have any redeeming qualities.

Fairy Memoria: You and Keyton were actually an item, weren't you? That locket pendant you keep close to your heart has a picture of him in it doesn't it?

Nami: N-No way! Wrong!

Fairy Memoria: Ehhh, well whatever... This spiciness is the problem at the moment! Huh? But [hero] is going to town on it! So does this mean i just have a completely messed up palette? But this really is way too spicy, I'm telling you!

Fifth affection conversation:

Messenger Raven: Caw, caw, caw!

Nami: Hey that's Keyton's messenger raven!

Fairy Memoria: But why's it here? Hey, where's your master?

Nami: There's no letter or anything on it... Messenger raven's wont leave their masters without a message, unless their master dies...

Fairy Memoria: So Keyton... Something happened to him...?

Nami: Yes... But if the messenger raven made it here, that means he couldn't have been swallowed by the shine raid, right...? If that had happened, this little guy would have disappeared with him... Ooh, oouuug... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Fairy Memoria: Nami, are you ok? That's it, let it out.

Nami: Thanks. ... But this is no time for me to be sinking into depression. I have... a mission now. to mourn him properly, i must see this journey through. To be frank, until now... I said i was [hero]'s caretaker, but i was really just relying on [hero]. In the name of saving the world, by serving you, I have found peace. I can't face Keyton... As I am now. For Keyton... I'll prove i can complete this mission!

Fairy Memoria: ...Great. We need you, Nami.

Nami: But... Forgive me. [hero] can i be alone for a moment? please give me just a moment... To let my tears for Keyton fall.

Skills Aquired: [Trust Combo] - can be used 3 times per adventure. a combination attack formed of the deep trust you have with Nami. Anyone 2 tiles in front of you is burnt up. Can be cast without concentrate. Weapon durability is decreased by one.