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A Monster Group is a group of five monsters that are summoned once every few days. The player is warned 1 hour before a mob appears to be given time to prepare.

A mob of Mountain Goats. Because all monsters in a mob share drops, all 5 of the Mountain Goats are capable of dropping Dimensional Coins in this scenario.

Monster Groups always spawn with one monster as a leader, which is shrouded in a red aura, and four "minion" versions of the same monster. They also all share the same drops, so it can be a very useful way to gain certain items depending on the monsters. They will always spawn at least 10 steps away from the player on the right side of the screen, almost forcing the player to either fight them or simply use a Teleport Pill to move themselves out of the group's way. It is recommended the player use AoE scrolls such as a Scroll of Seclusion or Scroll of Earthquake, or use the Awakening skill to quickly deal with the mob leader without damage being done to the player.

Types of Monster Groups[]

The mob that appears depends on the terrain the player is on. Please contribute to this table.

Terrain Type Mob Type
Volcanic Harpy

Friendly Creature Groups[]

Friendly Creatures, such as Mountain Goats and Radiant Horses, can spawn as enemy mobs if the player kills one of them after receiving the warning that a mob is about to appear. These still act the same as a normal hostile mob, however they can be farmed for massive level gains and item drops (such as Animal Meat and Radiant Horse Hooves).