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Monsters are enemies that players fight throughout the game.

Editor Note: To track a monster's stats, you can play as a Hunter, or track the damage from the weapon you use to attack and estimate their strengths/weaknesses, the attack power they have, Terrain where the monster is located and additional information about them along with their pic. Separate pages of them would be needed.


Animals are passive creatures that reward with levels or stat increasing drops when killed; however, killing two will make all members of the Jade Forest Group hostile towards you.

Name Base HP Terrain Reward
Prairie Otter 60 Prairie Beautiful Otter Pelt
Desert Fox 60

Desert, Mountain, Wilds

Clever Fox Tail

Ancient White Horse 160 Ruins

Radiant Horse Hooves

Snow Hare 50 Snow Fields 3 Levels (300% XP)
Mountain Goat 150

Snow Fields, Mountains

5 Levels (500% XP)

Animal HP does not scale with difficulty; however, they are able to obtain modifiers.

Note: Most animals can be found in multiple terrain types. There is also a chance that two or three will be inside of a dungeon.

Note: Animals seem to spawn in a vertical line. If you kill one then run vertically, odds are you will find another.

Note: Mountain Goats and Ancient White Horses will fight back until they are near death at which point they will flee.


These monsters will attack the player on sight. Note: Base HP is based on 'Afternoon Stroll' difficulty without any traits or modifiers.

The formula for calculating the HP of other difficulties is located on the Mechanics page. There are additional modifiers for inhumane odyssey, which appear to be either terrain or distance dependent.

For Plus, a Monster Group is a group of five monsters summoned once every few days.

An asterisk (*) after a monster's name means they eventually stop spawning.

Name Base HP Terrain
Bat* 15 Prairie, Wilds
Feral Dog* 35 Prairie, Wilds, Snow Field, Kennels
Imp* 50 Ruins, Volcano
Fire Imp* 35 Volcano
Crow* 50 Prairie
Wolf* 80 Prairie, Wilds, Snow Field, Kennels
Harpy 50 Desert, Volcano
White Harpy Snow Field (high km)
Skeleton 30 Dungeon, Ruins, Sinister Force event
Zombie 60 Dungeon
Phantom Knight 180 Dungeon, Ruins, Corrupted Lands, Sinister Force event
Cursed ogre Corrupted lands
Desert Wolf 100 Desert
Bear 180 Volcano
Polar Bear 220 Snow Fields
Lion 130 Desert, Wilds
Tiger 110 Mountain
Bandit 130 Anywhere via ambush event.
Thief 100 Anywhere
Dragon Warrior 120 Dungeon
Minotaur 200 Corrupted Lands, Dungeon
Golem 500 (any terrain and on a ruins platform)
Hitman Wolf 180  Corrupted Lands, Prairie (high km)
Killer Hound 200 Corrupted Lands
Minotaur Warrior 250 Corrupted Lands, Dungeon
Dragon 350  Corrupted Lands, Volcano, Dungeons, Prairie, Wilds
Black Dragon Corrupted Lands, Volcano (high km)
Crystal golem Snow Fields (high km)
Lava Golem Volcano (high km)
Dark Vanguard 300 Can spawn after a Dark Dragon breath attack
Infected Villager ? Destroyed Village
Summoner (Plus) Labyrinth (high km)
Necromancer (Plus) Labyrinth, Desert (high km)
Lilith (Plus) (high km)
Slime Dependent on type of slime
??? (Plus) any any
Bone Trapper Any Any (very high km)

Dimensional Passageway (Plus)[]

Monsters exclusive for Dimensional Passageway.

Lava Golem



Poisonous Soul


Demon Lord

Dark Dragon

Dimensional Ruler