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Mysterious Wall.jpg

Walls of the Holy Shrine and Demon Shrine.


HP: 50,000

Note: The wall will break when it receives damage from any source once it has already received 10,000 damage. For example, doing 20,950 damage with a force attack will not destroy the wall; however, attacking it one more time will destroy it. As such, dealing 50,000 damage is only necessary to destroy it in one hit


Force Flare is a great way to break through the walls.


Normal attacks deal only 1 damage to the wall, except when it has already taken 10,000 damage. When the Mysterious Wall receives lethal damage in this manner, it will appear as "Obsidian Wall", "Stone Wall" or even " " on the combat log, this suggests that the wall changes type after taking 20% (10,000) or more of it's health in damage, however the appearance of the wall is unchanged.

"Mysterious Wall" still comes up in the combat log if the wall is destroyed by reducing the full 50,000 heal pool to 0, either by 1 hit or by a hit that keeps it over 40,000 health and then another hit that reduces it to 0 without ever letting it have above 0 but 40,000 or under health. This is generally impractical without both the vault (for a carefully enchanted staff) and significant meditation stacking, or alternatively a very long run as force user, a powerful staff with lots of +% damage enchants and significant meditation stacking.