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Ninja, types "A", "B", and "C"

The Ninja is one of the three new playable classes in One Way Heroics Plus. The ninja boasts incredible strength and agility and is focused on dealing tons of damage in a short amount of time with it's max life and stamina draining abilities.

Can be unlocked by completing the quest given by the "Wounded Ninja" castle resident.

Pros and Cons[]


  • Can see further at night and is less likely to be detected due to the class' "Mark of the Ninja" passive.
  • High starting agility and good strength, agility, and will stat growth gives the ninja a lot of mobility and damage.
  • Abilities such as "Fire Spewing Land Mine" and "Chaos Attack" make the ninja great for defeating tough enemies.
  • High base combo rate makes even the weakest weapons powerful.


  • Negative starting charisma that rarely, if ever, grows means that recruiting NPCs will be almost impossible.
  • All abilities cost max life and max stamina, making you weaker the more you use them.

Starting State[]


  • Life: 100
  • Stamina: 12
  • Weight Limit: 17
  • Strength: 1
  • Intellect: 0
  • Agility: 3
  • Will: 2
  • Vitality: 0
  • Charisma: -2


  • Weapon: Kunai
  • Clothes: Traveler's Clothes
  • Accessory: None


Mark of the Ninja

  • Available from the start.
  • Passive.
  • Makes the ninja more difficult to detect and gives them +1 to their night vision.

Fire Spewing Land Mine

  • Available from the start.
  • Usable once a day.
  • Costs 2 max stamina.
  • Plants a mine that, when stepped on, will explode dealing huge damage to everything in a 3x3 tile area, immobilizing them if they survive. The damage scales with will level.
  • Everything killed by the mine gives no experience.

Shuriken Throw

  • Obtained at level 3.
  • Usable twice a day.
  • Costs 3 max stamina.
  • Throws a piercing shuriken three tiles forward that does huge damage.

Shadow Selves

  • Obtained at level 10.
  • Usable once a day.
  • Costs 4 max stamina.
  • Creates two Shadow Selves that disappear after a certain amount of time or when they die.
  • Shadow Selves walk straight forward, attacking enemies they come across with weak attacks drawing their attention.

Chaos Attack

  • Obtained at level 20.
  • Costs 20 max life, 15 stamina.
  • Unleashes a powerful combo attack.
  • Causes weapons to lose durability 3x while attacking with this ability.

Instant Movement

  • Obtained at level 30.
  • Usable once a day.
  • Costs 6 max stamina.
  • Warp three spaces ahead ignoring all obstacles including walls.

Shadow Running

  • Learned from the Ninja NPC.
  • Costs 4000 Silver to learn.
  • Costs 10 stamina, 15% energy to use.
  • Continues to drain stamina while in use.
  • Allows you to move for 30 turns without enemies being able to detect you. Any action other than moving cancels it.