Prefixes are special titles that can appear before the names of recruitable allies, monsters and NPCs. They confer stat increases, special characteristics, or even special dialogue in some cases. To facilitate quick recognition, some of the stronger prefixes also add a yellow triangle symbol to the upper left of the monster's sprite. The strongest prefix, "ultimate," adds a red star instead, and all monsters with that prefix should be cautiously dealt with.

A monster with a prefix and the same monster without one.

Chart of prefixesEdit

Here's a chart of prefixes and their known effects. The Ally, NPC and Monster columns show whether or not the prefix can appear on these types of characters. Allies are recruitable partners, NPCs are Guards, Merchants and other initially non-hostile characters, and monsters are initially hostile enemies.

Prefix Symbol Ally NPC Monster Effects
Cheap None X Merchants only. NPC will buy items at half price and sell at double price.
Masochistic X Allies only. Allies will have different quotes when hit by an enemy, and some get new conversation text.
Naughty X X X Defense up; EXP yield up. Ally characters get different conversation text.
Brilliant X  ?
Perverted X X Different Quotes?                                    
Hunk-Huntin' X Allies only. Ally has different conversation text.
Chick-diggin' X Allies only. Ally has different conversation text.
Fat (?) X Allies only. Ally's maximum Life +100%.
Excellent? X Allies only. Stats up?
Frail X X X Max Life becomes 70%. All stats down.
Eagle-Eye X X Player detection range increased.
Near-Sighted X X Player detection range lowered.
Rich X Holds a random (fairly high) amount of money.
Jewel Hunter X X Randomly holds Chipped Jewels and/or Pretty Jewels.
Phantom X Holds a random piece of equipment.
Crazy X X X Maximum Life down. Defense up.
Cool(?) X Attack power up. EXP yield up.
Pack-rat X X Maximum Life + 40%. Will carry a bunch of random items. If it's a merchant, those items can be bought.
Fire-Breathing X Attack damage type becomes fire (like dragons). Dangerous.
Seeking X Extra Accuracy.
Fleet-Footed X X Increased speed. On Maniac mode, will always take two turns to the player's one.
Stiff-Necked X X Increased defense power.
Tough X X X Maximum Life +40%, attack power up.
Infamous X X Maximum Life +40%, attack power up (higher than Tough).
Villainous X Maximum Life +100%, attack power up (higher than Infamous).
Wanted X Maximum Life +200%, all stats up.
Ancient X Maximum Life +400%, attack power up. Always drops a Crystal of the Ancients.
Ultimate X X Maximum Life +350%. All stats up (higher than Wanted).