One Way Heroics Wiki

The samurai is a sword-wielding class in One Way Heroics. Focusing mostly on strength and vitality, he doesn't seem to increase his charisma naturally, and willpower and intellect raise only slowly. He gains strong attacks that can be improved by using them.

Unlocked by finishing the Wounded Samurai's quest.

Has a very strong critical hit chance, but a low combo rate, only surpassed (in a bad way) by the wanderer.

Starting Stats:

HP: 135

ST: 16

Lapis: 0

WT: 26

Strength: 4

Vitality: 3

Agility: 0

Intelligence: 0

Willpower: 0

Charisma: 1

Starting Abilities:

Lockpicking: 0

Climbing: 0

Swimming: 0


Samurai's Discipline: 1.4x Damage with swords. 0.75x with all other weapons. Take more damage from Force attacks, back attacks, and side attacks.

Resurrection: Gain 100% ATK and 50% CRI when under roughly 25% HP.


Single Edge: Obtained at level 12. It costs 12 ST and 5 HP to use. After using it 15 times, it upgrades into Lone Slash.

Lone Slash: Upgraded version of Single Edge. It costs 11 ST and 7 HP and also reduces weapon durability by 3. After using it 25 times, it upgrades into Broken Mountain.

Broken Mountain: Upgraded version of Lone Slash. It costs 9 ST and 8 HP and reduces weapon durability by 2. It also has a small chance to lower the enemies' ATK. After using it 39 times, it upgrades into Heaven's Ruin.

Heaven's Ruin: The final upgrade of Single Edge. Has a high chance of lowering enemies' ATK.

Quake Shot: Obtained at level 30. It costs 15 ST and 9% EN and reduces weapon durability by 1.

☀Damage enemies in a 3x3 tile radius. Has a chance to confuse enemies.

Bone Break: Obtained at level 40. It costs 18 ST and 14% EN.

☀For 5 turns, gain ATK x3, Combo +60%, and Crit +100% but also gain Received Physical Dmg x2.5, EVA -100% and lose 3 ST every turn