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The Skill Missionary is a Merchant NPC that can teach you from a set of 5 abilities/skills.

Skill Missionary.png

Although learning these skills may seem similar to learning Force Powers from Fortune-teller Auris or Aria of the Sun; the Skill Missionary primarily teaches a set of "supporting-skills" than "engaging/combatant-skills".

"I'm a Skill Missionary. I can teach you some skills if you'd like."
Ability Name Cost (Silvers) Cost (Ability lvls) Effect Cast Cost
Power Up/"Charge Up" 800 3 Strength Your next attack deals x2.4 with +20% Accuracy. The cast is finished after 1 attack or 10 turns of casting and can only be used twice a day. 12 ST
Folding Fang 800 3 Agility Strong Attack/Enemy Attack Power is reduced by 40% for 6-8 turns. 12 ST
Emergency Bag/"Emergency Lifting" 800 3 Vitality Weight Limit is increased by 20 for 300 turns. 30% Energy
Hide 800 3 Intellect Enemies can't see you unless they're adjacent. Movement cancels the effect and while hidden you lose 1 ST per turn. 8 ST -1/turn (while hidden)
Create Vial of Healing 800 3 Willpower Creates Vial of Healing from 2 Healing Herbs. 2x Healing Herbs
  • Notes:
After teaching the player 2 skills the NPC becomes unable to teach anymore skills.
Hide will not work on Town/"player-friendly" NPCs if the player has a bounty or if an enemy is 1 tile away as they will always walk to the player hence rendering the ability useless.
Creating Vials of Healing:
The player has the option to "Make 1 Healing Vial from 2 Healing Herbs. 3 can be made at a time, 10% of Energy is consumed each time a batch is made."