"A" "B" and "C" Swordmaster types shown from left to right.


The Swordmaster is one of the default Classes available to players in One Way Heroics. They boast a mix of Strength and Agility as their primary statistics.

Starting StateEdit


  • Life: 110
  • Stamina: 16
  • Weight Limit: 18
  • Strength: 2
  • Agility: 2
  • Vitality: 1
  • Intellect: 0
  • Willpower: 0
  • Charisma: 0


  • Weapon: Short Sword
  • Armor: Traveler's Clothes
  • Accessory: <Open>


Passive Ability:

  • Swordmaster's Finesse: Swordmasters have x2.0 modifier to Combo Hit Chance, allowing them to get multiple attacks in a single turn more often.

Daily Ability: Berserk

  • Requirement: None
  • Cost: 5% Energy, can be used only once per day.
  • Doubles Attack Power and heals 30 Life every turn for 15 turns.
  • After the effect is exhausted, Max Life and Stamina are reduced to 1/3 and movement speed is reduced for 50 turns due to fatigue.


  • Requirement: none
  • Cost: 5 Life, 10 Stamina
  • Deals 2.5x damage to a single target, but weapon durability is reduced twice as fast. Effective against walls, chests and skeletons.

Seismic Slash

  • Requirement: Level 10
  • Cost: 15 Stamina, 5% Energy
  • Unleashes a shockwave which deals high damage to all enemies/walls within one tile of your character.

Trivia Edit

Swordmaster C Plus

In One Way Heroics Plus, the character sprite (Image shown at the bottom left while adventuring) for the Type C Swordmaster changes once you reach day 3.

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