One Way Heroics Wiki

Terrain types influence the enemies and drop rate of items in a dimension. This is a work in progress taken from Iris' hints about the current terrain.


Fewer villages in the area.
Herbs in the area are dry and wilted. Restoring energy is difficult in this terrain.
Mostly animal-type enemies, as well as bandits and demons.

Monsters in Wilds Terrain[]

Desert Fox, Lion, Thief, Golem, Feral Dog, Bat


Villages are common, as well as fruits and herbs.
Mostly animal-type enemies.


  • Evasion +10%

Monsters in Prairie Terrain[]

Bat, Feral Dog


Large number of dungeons.
Vials of medicine are common.
Equipment and scrolls are more common.
Enemies include undead and demons.

Monsters in Ruins Terrain[]

  • Bat
  • Imp
  • Zombie
  • Golem

Snow Field[]

Towns and dungeons are fairly common.
Energy depletes much faster rate.
Polar bears and Snow Crista Grass are only found in this area.

Monsters in Snow Field Terrain[]

Polar Bear
Feral Dog


Stamina is depleted constantly.
Movement is slowed in desert areas.
Harpies are commonly found.
Desert foxes appear in the second half the desert.

Monsters in Desert Terrain[]

Harpy, Desert Wolf


Towns are uncommon.
Scorched Buds are the only herb on the ground.
Jewels can be found fairly often.
Pools of Magma that cannot be crossed are common.

Monsters in Volcanic Terrain[]

Thief, Bear, Harpy, Fire Imp, Dragon


Nayuta Fruits are very common.
Large Mountain ranges can block progress.
Harpies and animal-type monsters are common.

Monsters in Mountain Terrain[]

Harpy, Tiger, Bat, Desert Wolf

Corrupted Lands[]

No villages found in this terrain.
All of the enemies are strong. (+15% hp)
Fully equipped demon-type monsters are common.
Large mountain ranges can block progress.

Monsters in Corrupted Lands Terrain[]

Dragon, Crow, Killer Hound, Hitman Wolf

Dimensional Passageway (Plus)[]

No food drops on ground

All equipment dropped/purchased have at least 1 bonus effect

Stronger enemies than Corrupted Lands (+15% hp AND attack)

Vendors charge more silver for items

Monsters in Dimensional Passageway Terrain[]

Lava Golem, Necromancer, Summoner, Poisonous Soul, Black Dragon