One Way Heroics Wiki

With over 400 hours in the One Way Heroics (most of it in Plus; now including the Switch port) and 200+ in Mystery Chronicle: OWH, this series is one of my favorites.


Favorite Classes (One Way Heroics Plus)[]

If I'm playing the game, I'm usually one of the following below (followed by the name I give them):

  • Hero B - Zenura
  • Force Knight B - Alyx
  • Tourist A - Olimar
  • Pirate C - Bowser Jr
  • Bard A - Jimmy
  • Adventurer A - Capt. Toad

Favorite Classes (Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics)[]

Since the "multiplayer" (tracking other players in the same dimension as you) requires you link a Twitter account (that I current don't have), you won't know if I'm in the same world as you. Regardless, these are my favorite classes and the names I give them:

  • One Way Hero A - Chron
  • Priest A - Isaac
  • Ult. Student C - Monokuma (don't usually change this name)

Mod Way Heroics Project[]

I plan to mod some player graphics. Currently, I modded the sprites and portrait of the Tourist A to look like Olimar from Pikmin. I'm pretty inexperienced in pixel art, so this project has be going pretty slow.

Here are some others I also plan to do:

  • Bard A - Jimmy Valmer (Stick of Truth Attire)
  • Adventurer A - Captain Toad
  • Adventurer B - Toadette (Captain Toad Attire)