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Exclusive for One Way Heroics Plus, Mila is a potential Ally NPC with a recruitment method that differs from the other allies.  She is a young girl who is seperated from her father, her only family left.  While normally the hero reunites her with her father for a reward, if she can be convinced, she becomes useful support ally, healing and buffing the hero in battle.


Mila can be found in towns or on the field, generally, though, she tends to spawn in Taverns.  When you speak with her, you are given the option to escort her to her father.  If you agree, she will follow you like any other ally, but you can't interact with her and she doesn't do anything in battles.  Iris will give you a quest to find her father within a certain distance, he'll appear in the same way as Mila herself can.  If you do so, you are rewarded with experience and either 5000 Silver or the Frost Star Coat, depending on the distance you've traveled. However, this loses you the chance to actually recruit Mila. If you put off meeting her father until after the point Iris tells you the meeting becomes a fight with a Death Mask, after which you will be given the opportunity to truly recruit Mila, still with no Charisma cost.

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  • "If you get Mila to become an ally shortly after 700km and then take her to her father within another 300km, you can get a valuable item as a reward instead of money." -Travel Journal, Completed

Affection and Abilities[]

Mila's Affection raises every 50km you travel.  Like before, she doesn't participate in combat at all, but starting at her second affection rank, she becomes able to support the player. Getting her ending gives the player the Mila's Emergency Treatment Memo item, which teaches the skill Emergency treatment which allows the player to heal half their life once per day.

Affection Rank
2 Mila gains Encourage ability: Multiplies hero's attack by 1.3 and increases accuracy by 15%
3 Mila gains Heal ability: Once per day, heals hero by 150 life points.
4 Gives hero two Brainwashing Drug items: when thrown at an enemy, turns them into a Cooperative NPC
? Mila's Life is multiplied by 1.8


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In one of Mila's dialogues and the Dimensional Passageway Credits, it is revealed that Mila is the younger sister of the Dimensional Vault Guard.